It all began with Granny’s pickle recipe. We’d take them to church suppers & barbeques with friends.

Bridget would make our sweet & spicy pickles to share and someone would aways say, ”These pickles are great! You should sell them!” But that seemed like a crazy idea. Until Ken (Brother Floyd) retired and wanted to stay busy.

He started visiting small stores and giving them sample jars to try. We only offered the two varieties of pickles then. As time passed, customers requested relish, so we added Righteous Relish made from the spicy pickles. Because you can get a sweet relish anywhere. Our’s is sweet and a little spicy. Later, our wonderful kitchen queen came up with the Dill Pickle Jelly.

As time passed, Ken became locally famous and relished his role as Brother Floyd. He made up a jingle and sang it at every opportunity. He autographed jars “at no extra charge” and took selfies with customers. Our grandchildren were delightfully surprised at how people seemed a little starstruck when meeting Brother Floyd. It was a wonderful final chapter in his life.

Ken died from breakthrough COVID in 2021. Bridget is continuing the business and keeping his legacy alive.

"I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread." ~ Psalm 37:25


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